Wealth managers today find themselves in a rapidly evolving financial ecosystem. Technology, regulators, and competition are the key catalysts for these changes, such as:

  • Enabling portability of business for sub-brokers
  • Clearer distinction between services that can be offered by MFDs and RIAs
  • Growth of self-service technology platforms with advanced tools and robo-advisory
  • Shrinking margins on vanilla products

Adapting to the changing landscape, the evolving ecosystem and dynamic regulations require individual advisors to be well-equipped and prepared to ride the wave and benefit from it. Larger organizations have the bandwidth and deep pockets to upgrade their businesses with the latest in technology including best wealth management software and gain access to necessary knowledge and information. Smaller businesses and individual wealth managers on the other hand lack the resources to constantly invest in keeping up with the changes, and hence, require assistance in the form of platforms like Fintso to assist them to gain that competitive edge. Such platforms enable them to focus on their core strengths of client engagement and portfolio management, while outsourcing non-core activities like back-office operations, product curation, technology, and advisory support.

What will it take to make the individual wealth managers future-ready?


Early adopters of technology in the BFSI space have realised the value that tech-savviness and data play in their growth story. Robotics Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) enhance the operational and analytical capabilities and positively impact the decision-making process, making it seamless, smarter and quicker for advisors and investors. Simple moves like amalgamating the complete process from creating a client’s profile to placing product orders as well as instantly generating portfolio reports can all be done in a single web portal or app and at the click of a button. Viewing and sharing information on-the-go while keeping investors updated and informed through accessibility and push-notifications are other perks that add to the ease in day-to-day activities.

Through this platform, advisors will gain access to a plethora of products on a single platform, and in-depth insights about their clients’ behaviour, their portfolios, and existing and new products available. With the help of model-portfolios, wealth managers can now offer a bouquet of products to their investors with robust data and insight to back the decision-making process. Technology is an enabler and through Fintso, MFDs and advisors will have the capability to do more for their clients and thus gain more.


Knowledge is certainly the cornerstone on which advisory is built. The perfect application of knowledge and technology, backed by insight, can assist advisors to navigate through the financial landscape with ease. While Fintso offers in-depth insight to its partners, it understands the need for constant upgradation of knowledge and skill for its partners. Hence, through a plethora of content available on NSE’s Knowledge Hub, Fintso has worked towards creating modules to assist advisors better equip themselves from a financial literacy and necessary life skills point of view. Through interactive sessions on personal finance, the value of investing, introduction to the Indian Capital Markets and a variety of certification programs, Fintso along with NSE intend to add value to the advisors that subscribe to Fintso. Facilitating a learning environment and equipping individual advisors with professional certification programs and modules to make the most of Fintso’s features will enhance their capabilities, making them future-ready advisors.

To stay ahead and stay relevant, MFDs and advisors need to grow and evolve at the speed of change and should have access to IFA back office system, and Fintso helps you do just that. Equip your advisory with the power, knowledge, and capabilities that Fintso has to offer and stay ahead of the curve by being future-ready.