Technology has most definitely played a critical role in the deepening of financial markets and making it accessible to each one of us. Similarly, it has also changed how financial advisors operate supported by enhancement of the tools available to them to execute and engage with their clients more effectively.

We will touch upon this journey of evolution, and the next leap in operations and servicing aspects of new-age platforms for financial advisors in India.

A quick check on what clients normally do

Distribution of financial products in India has seen multiple leaps in technology contributing to its evolution. The all-new IFA back office system and the best wealth management software are changing the face of the financial advisory ecosystem.

Let us take the Mutual Fund industry as an example to see how the financial intermediation industry has evolved.

We will touch upon this journey of evolution, and the next leap in operations and servicing aspects of new-age platforms for financial advisors in India.

Technological augmentation made the operations of financial advisors more efficient accompanied by evolution of policy frameworks to allow online KYC and account opening. Information became freely available online which enabled the end-investors to become savvier.

Today, online transactions have become the norm. Transaction platforms by the Exchanges have provided a solid technological backbone and have made it simpler to integrate with and provide enhanced functionality.

Each step of this evolution has resulted in

The Future: Platform-as-a- Service

PaaS is the natural progression – a unified platform that provides access to various financial products and digital enablement to both you and your client and takes away the non-value adding tasks, specifically with respect to mid and back office activities. Additionally, it will also be promising as a class-apart investing to broker ARN transfer platform.

· Integrating with vertical aggregators through APIs to create a unified platform for multi-product execution

· Using Machine Learning to resolve errors in RTA files

· Automated unit and fee reconciliations

To be able to help adapt to this complexity, you need people who have organically evolved, and are adept with the new age technology to service you. The people providing the service are the differentiators between a platform and a platform-as-a- service.

The team at Fintso  is  built around  this domain knowledge. We understand how the people and the industry operate, which enables us to effectively support the IFAs in making the transition. We understand the problems, and hence, are able to create cutting-edge solutions for your need enabling you to focus on your core strengths – client acquisition, engagement, portfolio construction and monitoring. This is what we, at Fintso, are striving to accomplish.

About us

Fintso is a fintech platform that provides solutions to financial entrepreneurs to address their needs of research, advisory, product access and client engagement. We empower entrepreneurs, to do more for their clients while retaining their identity.

The team at Fintso has deep domain expertise on the Indian investment and wealth management space and in cutting edge technology.

Meet the Operations & Servicing team

The core team has been on the forefront of the entire evolutionary journey that the distribution community has gone through – from paper based, to PC based, to execution platforms. They understand the complexity required to bring simplicity and have helped define the operating procedures and user journeys as we move into Cloud based platform solutions. They are passionate about what they do and are a driving force behind the continuing evolution of Fintso to make the journey of the end user truly world class.

Poonam Jain

Poonam possesses 14 years of experience with top Mutual Fund AMC’s like Standard Chartered Mutual Fund (now IDFC Mutual Fund), ING Mutual Fund (Now Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund) and also handling distribution services with IFAN Finserv (Now SPA Capital) and Motilal Oswal Financial Services Limited. Her gamut of experience includes transaction processing, distributor coordination, reconciliation, data management, MIS and regulatory compliance.

Pradeep Kumar

Pradeep has 17 years of experience in design and development of wealth management, equities and insurance platforms across organizations such as Oppo Financial (Finshell), AU Small Finance Bank, BOB Capital, SBI Capital, IFAN (ING Financial Services), CNBC – Web18, IDBI Capital, and CAMS. He has in-depth experience in the entire lifecycle of platform offerings, from conceptualization to development to launch and subsequent adoption, even handling the regulatory front.

Sharmista Chakrabarty

Sharmista has 14 years of experience in the financial services industry having worked with IDFC Bank, MF Utility, BOI AXA MF, Optimix (Division of ING Vysya) and Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC handling customer relations and operations teams. She is a solution-driven customer-centric professional with significant experience in collecting analysing and interpreting customer interactions data to optimize customer experience. She has experience on end-to-end solutions for client servicing through multiple channels.

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