With increasing digital adoption by clients, there is an increasing need for advisors to adopt technology to enhance their advisory capabilities. Data is the new superpower, and advisors are expected to combine their experience, insights, and competence with the latest tech tools, to help create a superior selection and monitoring client portfolios.

Upgrading interfaces and engaging investors for better user experiences is easier said than done, especially given the fast pace of development, and keeping up with the new wealth management software being made available.

The constant barrage of news on “Robo-advisory” that investors are subjected to, puts the pressure on for advisors to adopt these techniques for everything financial. Advisors need to leverage Digital Wealth Management technology to upgrade their practices to suit the current times. A strong advisor-client relationship is the key, and this bond can further be strengthened with the help of Fintso and its AI-powered analytics.

Build Stronger Portfolios

Fintso’s analytics empower advisors with capabilities to build multi-product model portfolios, optimise on weightage for asset allocation, gain a comprehensive overview of an investor’s current as well as historical investments, and much more. With such power comes the ability to manage risks better, make data-driven investment decisions, identify future opportunities, and inculcate a customer-centric approach.

A bank of historical data that dates back nearly two decades permits Fintso to optimize its analytical capacity and recommend the right product mix based on a specific client’s unique goals, risk appetite and requirements. Fintso’s domain experts have extensive knowledge of the minute details involved in portfolio construction. This in-depth understanding of the market and advisor’s needs combined with extensive research of the existing financial planning tools and techniques has led to the creation of embedded algorithms that assist in creating optimized portfolios. With the capability of these algorithms and an advanced analytic platform, advisors are now equipped to offer sophisticated, diversified model portfolio options for investors to pick from.

Deepen Client Relationships

Fintso’s review and its advanced set of tools and techniques are designed to assist advisors to serve their clients better on a real-time basis, building a stronger advisor-client bond. These reports, real-time updates, and rule-based smart alerts make it easier for advisors to keep their investors updated and informed. The module also allows advisors to customize and trigger alerts tailored to their own style and incorporate market, time, and client-specific event occurrences. These include sharp movements on the portfolio level, underlying funds and securities, as well as hygiene alerts like SIP expiry etc.

With advanced machine learning capabilities and in-depth client information Fintso will soon enable the platform to auto-suggest financial products based on its understanding of each investor’s interests and needs. Advisors will gain the opportunity to widen their basket of offerings, thereby increasing productivity and gains.


So far, Digital Wealth Management Solutions in India like Robo Advisory are predominantly present in B2C platforms – i.e. those that reach out directly to clients. Fintso incorporates these tools to the advisors empowering them to offer investors these tools. Advisors benefit from the opportunity to offer the perfect combination of artificial intelligence steered by an experienced, trustworthy professional.

As a platform, Fintso is an enabler to the financial advisory domain which simplifies complicated tasks performed by advisors and allows them to serve their investors from a holistic client-centric view.