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Business Development

Generating Alpha with Deep Learning

Using Machine Learning algorithm for tactical asset allocation It is an endeavour of every investor to make money without taking any undue risk. This is the…

Business Development

Fintso Innovations: Next Gen Operations & Servicing For Platform-as-a-Service

Technology has most definitely played a critical role in the deepening of financial markets and making it accessible to each one of us. Similarly, it has…


Financial Advisors vs. Robo Advisory: A Deep Study

Algorithm-based predictive financial advisory services are taking India by storm. FinTech organizations offer several financial services through their Robo Advisors. Pre-fed data via surveys and information…

Financial Advisors

Are Financial Advisors Worth the Cost?

Do we know what we need? An ET Wealth study involving 22 financial planners & wealth managers tracked the changes in goals of average Indian Families…

Business Development

Actionable Insights – The Franklin Templeton Issue - Seeing Beyond The Obvious

The Ft Issue: Liquidity Crunch Last week, Franklin Templeton (FT) AMC announced winding up of six debt schemes as these schemes faced unprecedented liquidity crunch mainly…