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Wealth Management

The Changing Trend of Individual Wealth in India

Trend of individual wealth in India Investors are invested in their journey to wealth creation. The transition of wealth from the hands of the older generation…

Wealth Management

Creating Future-Ready Wealth Managers

Wealth managers today find themselves in a rapidly evolving financial ecosystem. Technology, regulators, and competition are the key catalysts for these changes, such as: * Enabling portability…

Business Development

Fintso Innovations: Next Gen Operations & Servicing For Platform-as-a-Service

Technology has most definitely played a critical role in the deepening of financial markets and making it accessible to each one of us. Similarly, it has…

Financial Planning

Saving Prudently for your Retirement? Let’s Dig into It!

56% of people in 10 of the world's fastest-growing economies have retirement goals around twice the size of their likely pension pots at age…


Who is your Financial Sage? Check it out Here!

Though we are living in an age where we are blessed with the best mutual fund distributor softwares in India [], and most…